Term 5 has begun with sunshine and a fantastic trip to Far Peak Climbing Centre. The rest of the term is extremely busy, so do keep an eye out for newsletters and diary dates.

Sherborne 10k Run and Fun Run, Sunday 24th June – put it in your diary!

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Class Song


Welcome to Owl Class – we are Year 5 & 6 pupils and currently there are 19 children in our class.

In Owl Class we are focusing on editing and improving to ensure that we always produce the best quality work possible. We love using hashtags and model a #YesUCan attitude to the younger children in the school. Music helps us concentrate and we have a class song which encompasses equality and teamwork – ‘No Matter (Basic Tape vs. Fraces), by Basic tape, which was chosen by the children.

Our topic last term was ‘Real-Life Heroes’. We wrote letters to local heroes and  even had the opportunity to meet a Fire Officer and a Police Officer which was both educational and fun. Our current topic is ‘When I Grow Up’, which allows us to explore careers of the adult word and gives real-life contexts for our learning. We are looking forward to our class trip to Kidzania, where we will spend the day working and exploring in a city run entirely by children.

Every day is different in Owl Class. Although we follow set routines, we always find fun and enjoyment in our learning and we love to showcase our mixture of personalities and strengths.


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