There are already signs of spring up in Forest School and last Friday pupils were excited to see the changes! Please remember to bring waterproofs on Fridays during this wet season. Meanwhile Owl Class had a day exploring coding to programme a robot, thanks to a STEM workshop.


What does PSHE stand for? PSHE stands for Personal, Social and Health Education. It is a huge and vital part of teaching our children to consider their emotional and physical health in relation to themselves, their families, their communities and the wider world.


They also need to understand health issues that may arise during their childhood and adulthood. Sometimes these issues are difficult to talk about. At Sherborne school we provide ‘circle time’ when these issues can be thought through and discussed. We have debates about politics and global problems, and get involved with local environmental projects. Children learn about health through science lessons and separate sex education sessions at the appropriate age. We benefit from a Life Education bus that visits each year. There is always a friendly and understanding ear to talk to should children (or parents) need to discuss things privately.