Congratulations to our wildlife team who are now into the final of  the Gloucestershire  Wildlife Quiz.

Please join us to celebrate our 150th anniversary. There will be a traditional fete followed by our school production. All ex-pupils are welcome to join us on this day – Friday 12th July from 3pm.

Please note: We are taking a break from the 10k run this year in order to concentrate on our 150th celebrations.


Upper Key Stage 2

Mrs Priest’s Group – Spelling Term 6

Spellings Term 6

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Owl Class homework – Term 6

pick ‘n’ mix topic homework Term 6 homework

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Mrs Finley’s Spelling Lists T6

Click the link to download Term 6 spelling lists Mrs Finley’s Spelling Lists Term 6

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T5 spellings

Please click the link below to view spellings from Mrs Finley’s groups for Term 5   ParentView_Mrs Finley’s SpellingT5

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Mrs Priest’s Group – Spellings Term 5

Spellings Term 5

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Mrs Priest’s Group Term 4 Spellings

Term 4 Spellings for yellow and purple group. Term 4 spellings

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Mr Jones and Mrs Finley’s spelling lists T4

Please click to download spellings for those in Mr Jones and Mrs Finley’s spelling groups. ParentView_Mrs Finley’s-Mr Jones SpellingT4

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Mrs Finley’s spelling lists

Please click the link below to download spelling lists for term 3. ParentView_Mrs Finley’s SpellingT3

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Owl Class Homework Term 3 – Roald Dahl

Roald Dahl homework

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Term 3 spellings for Mrs Priest’s group

term 3 spellings Children should know if they are in Yellow or Purple group. Please come and ask if you are unsure.

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